If it's not answered here, please ask!

Do I have to bring my own bedding/sleeping bags/pillows?

No, bedding is provided for all beds in our properties, including clean sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows. Exception: If you plan on using the Pack-and-Play crib, you will want to bring bedding suitable for your baby's age and size. We do not provide baby specific items though you can consider a local rental company such as Baby Gear Smoky Mountains.

What cooking/eating utensils will I need?

Our properties provide all ordinary cooking equipment, including pans, cutlery, dishware, and grilling tools (where there's a grill). Unless you have a specific and unusual requirement, you should not need to bring anything to cook with (you can bring: special kitchen gadgets, specific spices) We provide basics like salt, pepper.

Do you provide gas for the grill?

If your cabin is equipped with a gas grill, it is either piped to a fixed tank, or propane canisters and spares are provided. In the unlikely event you should need a third canister, you can call the contact numbers in the cabin and one will be brought out for you. There is no additional charge for this amenity. We can also pay you back if you replace it yourself to save time - simply email us the receipt.

Do you provide charcoal for the grill or campfire pit?

No, we do not provide charcoal or lighter fluid for liability reasons. You would need to bring charcoal and/or lighter fluid with you. Check the description of each cabin to see which ones have a charcoal grill in addition to or in place of a gas grill.

Do you provide wood for the fireplace or campfire pit?

Yes, a large stack of wood is stocked at all of our cabins, usually located by one of the sheds. If the stack runs low before we get a chance to replenish it, you can call the contact numbers in the cabin and more wood will be delivered.

Can I bring my own charcoal/gas grill or fire pit?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own as there are reasons why there are not there already (community open fire bans, specific setups). If you have any further questions, please email us.

Where can I fish, and what licenses do I need?

For your TN fishing laws, go here: https://www.tn.gov/twra/license-sales/fishing-licenses.html. Tennessee state law allows fishing without a license from private property with the permission of the property owner; the booking instruction/confirmation email that you receive constitutes this permission. If your chosen property is directly on the river, you can fish from the property's riverbank without a license. If you want to wade out into a river or fish from a canoe, or fish from a public access point elsewhere in the area, you'll need a state fishing license, which can be purchased from the Sevierville Walmart. You will have to provide your own fishing equipment.

Will my cellphone work in your property?

It depends on your phone, service provider, weather and so on. The high majority of our guests do fine. All our properties offer free high-speed Internet and WiFi.

Are there any limits on Internet usage?

We do not actively throttle or block any particular websites or Internet protocols. Our Internet connections can be used to stream Netflix and hold Zoom sessions (exceptions being satellite internet+TV properties: be aware that Oh Deer and Bear Bottoms have slower satellite internet access which is not designed for heavy streaming of video).

Do I have to clean up after myself?

At checkout, piling sheets and towels up are appreciated. We do expect you to wash the dishes, silverware and cookware you use. We do not expect you to do your own laundry. However, we may assess an extra cleaning charge if the cabin is left in an unusually filthy state, e.g. mud tracked all over the carpets, dirty caked-on dishes, etc. If you're reasonably decent, there won't be a problem.

Will I be hit with charges for consumables or minor damages?

We expect a certain amount of wear and tear, as well as consumption of products. We expect you to use the toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, etc., and there'll be no charge. We also understand that light bulbs blow, plates break, and there may be the occasional scratch on the wall. We charge only for unreasonable damage or missing items that can't be considered normal usage – lost towels, torn sheets, mud-ruined comforters, a hole bashed in the wall, a whole case of paper towels vanished, that sort of significant and unusual thing. We just ask you to let us know should any of these things happen.

Is horseback riding available?

Horses helping you sightsee is totally awesome. For some recommended operators, please see our Guidebook

Can some of my party camp out on the lawn in a tent?

Sorry, only the booked number of guests are allowed on the property and inside the property. Visitors during the day is fine.

What do I do for food?

You will need to provide your own food if you want to cook; please refer to our Guidebook for suggestions. There are many restaurants in the Smokies area. Information on area restaurants can also be found via My Pigeon Forge and online websites. Most places offer takeout and some deliver directly. Some deliver through 3rd party delivery services and you will need to check on your mobile apps which ones those are depending on where you are staying. If you're in a condo on Ski Mountain, the two pizza places Ski Mountain Pizza and Chalet Village Market offer delivery.

Can I checkin early or checkout later?

We cannot accommodate early checkin or later checkout. This is not personal as the team has a challenging schedule to get all cleaning, inspecting, maintenance completed while traversing a mountainous region (with traffic, no less!) all before you show up. Please understand this helps do the best we can to prep for your vacation!

Can I bring my pet?

Our properties do not allow pets. However, here's are two nicely reviewed local boarding locations for your furry friend: 
Smoky Dog Lodge (865) 774-3140 @ 1301 W Main St, Sevierville, TN 37862
Loving Care Kennels (865) 453-2028 @ 3779 Tinker Hollow Rd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Do you accept service animals?

Our properties do not accept pets or emotional support animals. We do accommodate service animals by prior arrangement, for which there will be an additional cleaning charge. Documented, government-issued proof of service animal status is required.

Do you accept emotional support animals?

Our properties do not accept emotional support animals. Any evidence of unapproved animals inside will result in extra cleaning fees and banned from booking with us again. We'd suggest the boarding options mentioned in the "Can I bring my pet?" answer

Is there an extra charge to use the hot tub?

No, the hot tub and all other amenities are included at no additional charge. Hot tubs are available year round for our cabins. Shared hot tubs for condos are also open year round. Should there be any closing periods due to maintenance and repair, COVID ordinances, etc - we will inform you ASAP.

Do your cabins allow smoking?

Smoking AND vaping is strictly forbidden inside all of our cabins. However, you are perfectly free to smoke and vape in the beautiful great outdoors surrounding each cabin. Please DO NOT allow smoke and vapor to drift in through open windows and doors as it will still impact the interior condition. Please use good sense and courtesy regarding your ashes, butts, or other potentially hazardous materials.

When will the fall foliage be the prettiest?

Well, it kind of depends on the weather, and you know how reliable that is. But there are several places you can get official best guesses:

The National Park Service (NPS) fall color page for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park:



The National Park Service's mountain view webcams, which will show you what the leaves look like:

NPS Webcams

Here are additional resources to track leaf color changes:




Do you have hiking trails recommendations?

Hiking preferences, conditions and availability can vary widely. We advise to checkout a helpful website like All Trails Smoky Mountain Hikes Reviews and the National Park Service (NPS) park website. A good bet is to call or go to a Smokies visitor center and they can give you invaluable advice tailored to your interests, abilities and the weather at the time.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you rent a property from us, the entire property is reserved for your exclusive use, and so it is unavailable for anyone else to rent. None of our properties are shared spaces! A cancellation usually means that nobody will be able to stay at the property for that time, because most people plan their vacations in advance. Your cancellation policy will be displayed prior to booking for you to accept before finalizing.

Note about Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend buying travel insurance - either standard or CFAR (cancel for any reason) - when booking a vacation rental property.  Needing to cancel or move dates is extremely common and it greatly helps to have travel insurance if the unforeseen happens.  We sell travel insurance directly through our software and can provide you links to buy it with your booking.  Please contact us about this if you have questions.  It typically costs about 7% for standard and about 9% for CFAR.

How do I get into the cabin I rented?

Several days before your scheduled arrival, we send you an email with directions and an access code to a keypad at the door of the cabin. This way, you can arrive however late suits your schedule and you don't have to worry about meeting anyone in person. If you have multiple cars coming, you can give everybody the code, and whoever gets there first can unlock the door and get in.

NOTE: If for some reason you don't receive this email, check your SPAM folder or write us to have it re-sent to you.

Are your cabins handicapped accessible?

As private single-occupancy residences, our cabins are not required to meet ADA accessibility standards, and so most of them do not. Some of them would be flat-out impossible for the wheelchair-bound. If you're not sure, feel free to contact us. It is best to discuss your specific needs with us before you make your reservation so you'll know what to expect. We can let you know the exact number of stair-steps for each property.

What if my number of guests change after I make a booking?

No problem as long as it is within the maximum allowed number for that property. You can simply change your guest numbers up or down by letting us know, and we'll adjust the charges accordingly. Please contact us for confirmation.

Who counts as children?

When counting guests at our cabins, children are defined as anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday. This includes infants but does not include those yet unborn.

Are the Smokies black bears a threat to my life?

These bears are mostly jovial and enthusiastic about eating snacks and trash (not the grizzlies in other parts of the country that do attack people). Please DO NOT feed the bears or get close to them. This includes approaching them, giving them food or throwing food towards them. Feeding them makes them sick and causes them to be more aggressive towards people. DO lock your cars and DO NOT leave food in your car! Bears can open unlocked doors with their handy paws and also break thru windows to eat your Cheez-Its.

Can I park my bus, RV, motorcycle, motorcycle trailer at the property?

You are welcome to park any vehicle that you can make fit and not disrupt any nearby guests. However, our cabins are designed as private residences and not as commercial parking lots. You will generally have a very difficult if not impossible time squeezing very large vehicles into the driveways, and of course you would be liable to any damages to the property or grounds. For motorcycles and their respective trailers, most of our properties can probably accommodate. Please email us to confirm 100%!

Do I need 4WD/AWD to access the property?

Let's remember, you're going to the mountains. None of us can guarantee what happens on any given day. We can only understand the probabilities and plan accordingly (and yes, weather forecasts can be very off and very wrong). During winter, it can snow and ice which will cause roads to be slick - we highly recommend 4WD/AWD during winter months. During rainy spring season, it's also worth considering. For the cabins, Oh Deer and Bear Bottoms, we advise you get 4WD/AWD year round since they are located on a private gravel road which is not made for a Toyota Prius no matter how many miles you get per charge!
Short Version: if you're not sure, get 4WD/AWD and travel insurance.

How can I share photos on social media?

Yes! Please check us out anytime on Instagram and Facebook. Simply tag us with @SmokiesTime. See you online!

Do you have any recommendations for a photographer so we can have forever memories of...engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, family, fun??

Of course! Please email what you're interested in and we're glad to help set it up!